Welcome to Sunnyhues Entertainment's
 Happy-Go-Lucky Exhibit 2021!

The Happy-Go-Lucky Exhibit

is an immersive and interactive art exhibition that inspires people to radiate happiness, confidence and positive energy from the inside out.

New York & LA Exhibits

HGL enjoyed wild success in New York and Los Angeles in 2018. Over 45,000 visitors came to the exhibit in a span of three months.


is a leading music concert and art exhibition presenting and producing company in New York. 

For years...

Sunnyhues has produced sold-out music concerts at Madison Square Garden Theater, Lincoln Center, Barclay Center, Manhattan Center, Radio Music City Hall, and Colden Auditorium in New York, as well as in casinos in Atlantic City and Las Vegas. 

Our concerts have included participation by artists and organizations in Asia, Europe, and the U.S. We have access to many famous celebrities in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. 

We work closely with top production companies in the U.S. and China to produce high quality events.