An Audiovisual Multisensory Experience


Happy-Go-Lucky Exhibit

2022 New Art Installations


An Audiovisual Multisensory Experience

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Happy-Go-Lucky Exhibit

An immersive exhibition, completed with never-before-seen installations, at the Happy-Go-Lucky Exhibit 2022 in Miami

What to Expect at Happy-Go-Lucky Exhibit

Let us at Happy-Go-Lucky Exhibit take you on an incredible journey where you become immersed in the art.

Here is a place where you can immerse yourself in a cacophony of glittering lights and dazzling scenes as we celebrate all the wondrous joy that is you. Here, we present a stage for which your happiness is the golden standard which all should aspire. Within our multi sensory exhibit you can immerse yourself in environments designed to enchant and accentuate all who wander through. At HGL, you are the Superstar on a dazzling diamond runway; transform into the cosmic wonder at the center of rippling stars; stand out as the rose among the humble blossoms.

The Diamond Palace

A runway full of geometric patterns and dazzling lighting effects, The Diamond Palace provides a perfect platform for fancy photography.

The Kaleidoscope

Inside the Kaleidoscope tunnel, color changes, shapes morph, light shifts, and patterns spin. The Kaleidoscope is an immersive place of wonder. Be prepared to be amazed and transported to another time and space.

The Illusion

Step into this world of optical illusions, where the floor and ceiling curve in a seemingly undulating pattern.

Pure Pearl Pool

Pure Pearl Poolis a calming, immersive pool space that is all white and filled with pearl shaped balls to relax and play inside.

As Seen In

New Experience


The HGL art center create an immersive interactive space with an experience that incentivizes the public to engage with the exposition. The interactive experience allows the public to draw, scan, and instantly project their drawings onto the three walls.



What people are saying

AMAZING Exhibit! Very underrated and one of NYC's best hidden gems! If you're a photographer the kaleidoscope room was incredible and the staff were a blast

L. R.

Absolutely one of the best exhibits I've been too in a while. From the extremely friendly /helpful staff who doesn't mind taking your 500 pics(who will DEFINITELY get your angles) and boomerangs to the cute sets, I would definitely recommend. We went in the winter time so we got the cutest marshmallow snowman in our hot Coco ⛄. I would HIGHLY recommend whether it's an impromptu date night, girls night or just for a fun evening.

Kendrea Scotland

This place is awesome and the name of it is very true happy go lucky. I felt like a kid again all I could do was smile. The staff was amazing as well!!! 👸🏽👸🏾👸🏾👸🏾👸🏾 I can't remember all of the ladies names but Bernadine took great pictures of me and my date 😁 HAPPY GO LUCKY MADE ME VERY HAPPY. Been two years since my mom died and this place really did get my vibes up. Definitely felt better while and after I was there. THANK YOU FOR GREAT EXPERIENCE 👍🏾 ❤ 🌟 ⭐️ 🌠 💫 ⭐️

Kristal Lyons

What an amazing time! Brought my kiddo and we had such a great time. The staff interacted with him the entire time, playing and showing him all the cool things in the exhibit. At the end we got fresh made cotton candy and popcorn (YUM!). My son asked if he could go through again and spend more time in some of the exhibits and the staff so kindly said yes! Can't wait to visit again.

Tenney Hajnal

I had so much fun with my boyfriend!!! Highly recommend!! Very lowkey such a great spot not attacked by tourist hahaha. Seeing our installations being displayed was the perfect ending to the exhibit!!

Maria Valdes

We went as a group of 8 and it was so amazing!!! There were a bunch of different sets to play with and explore. If you like to take pictures or just want a little spot with your friends this is def a place to go. It was so much fun and you can go back to any set you want. We all were able to have such a good time and even ended it with ice cream. Nevermind.. anyone who goes.. you’ll have pictures for a lifetime.

Alisa Detushev

My boyfriend and I LOVE to go to pop up museums in nyc, MOIC, Love Me Hug Me, Elepop, — but this is actually one of the best/funnest one’s we’ve experienced! He was like, “I think this is the best one we’ve been to!” We’re sweet tooths, so the icecream at the end was the cherry on top. (the free hand sanitizers ACTUALLY smell good too)

Gabrielle Pampo

Went with my husband and soon to be 1 year old son. He had an absolute blast! Every room was beautifully decorated and the staff was extremely nice and helpful. Jodi personally checked in on us through out the exhibit to make sure we were okay and my son was having fun. Unfortunately now a days this kind of customer service is hard to come by. Because of Jodi we will definitely be coming back and letting everyone know to check this exhibit out ☺️

Dez S